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All edging coordinates with decors and textures in the new collection, resulting in a coherent high quality look and feel. Different features and dimensions allow you to create the look and application you want.
No compromises

No compromises

With over 2000 types to choose from, you will always find the ideal solution for your edging requirements. Specifically matched in terms of design, texture and gloss level, our edging comes in a large variety of thickness (0.4 - 2.0 mm) and widths (23 - 54 mm) - all available from stock. So whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

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In addition to matching edging, you can turn an edge into a feature by using our „Accent edges” to create a contrast.

H8959 AC Doppia Black-Nature
  • H8959 AC Doppia Black-Nature

  • H8960 ACDoppiaWhite-Nature

  • H8961 AC Doppia Onyx Grey-Nature

  • F8982 AC Doppia Black-Gold

  • F8981 AC Doppia Black-Copper

— The black top line on the edge coordinates with the colour of the board creating a sleek, elegant design.

Cut to width Service

Cut to width Service

Need a non-standard size of edging? Look no further. Our cut to width service means that you can specify the exact width of edge you require, from 12mm to 100mm.

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Once you've refined your decor choice, our online sample service can support the next part of the process. Samples, literature and tools. All are quickly available.

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